Bridget V. Aitken

Artist’s Statement

I was born in Southern Ontario in 1961 into a musical and artistic family. It is natural that art making has become an important part of my identity. I began taking drawing and painting classes when my four children were small but could not have imagined then how involved I would become within the arts community of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Though primarily a self-taught painter I have sought further development through artist workshops, the Extension Division of the University of Saskatchewan, and more recently the USCAD program at the university and the CARFAC Mentorship program under the mentorship of Anne McElroy.

From still life to cattle dotted landscapes, I approach my subject matter with expressive energy. I am explorative in my renderings and I have many ways of painting which, to some extent, eschews technique and formulation. I am most pleased when the painting takes on a life of its own and diverges from the original inspiration. Ambiguity, spontaneity and curiosity are of interest to me. Satisfaction in my work is achieved when I have created something which is a delight to the eye.

I have participated in many group exhibitions within Saskatchewan as a painter and a sculptor. I have also mounted a number of solo exhibitions in Saskatoon. I am currently painting out of the Studio on 20th which is located in Saskatoon as well as from my home studio in Pike Lake.

Upcoming Show:

New Works
by Bridget V. Aitken

Calories Restaurant
721 Broadway Ave. Saskatoon
August 1st to August 27th

A Play on Green

Contact Information:

Bridget V. Aitken, B.A.

RR#7, Site 707
Comp. 3
Station Main
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1N2